Ironing, the bane of so many people’s lives, there are simply not enough hours in the day to tackle that huge pile of washing that is creased and in desperate need of some steam! Ironing shouldn’t be difficult though, or something you actively put off.

We’ve come up with some tips on ironing at the right temperature, to ensure you get the job done as quickly as possible, but most importantly, without ruining any expensive garments or fabrics.

Fabric Dependent

It may seem sensible to go for the middle heat to get those creases out, but most irons come with specific dials to iron the fabric at the optimum temperature. Nylon, lycra/spandex, acrylics and silks are regularly found at the bottom of the heat scale, with excess heat likely to go straight through the material, either ruining the item or leaving an unsightly burn.

Linen is the king of heat, however, with it able to withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius! Cotton, one of the most popular materials for clothes, towels and bedsheets is also able to withstand a fair amount of heat, usually only second to linen on your iron’s temperature controls.

Work on your technique

Sometimes it’s the way you iron that takes so long for the creases to drop out. When ironing, make sure you iron over the garment for longer than a few seconds, opting for a burst of steam or water whenever required.

Creases are unlikely to drop out if you’re flying across the board like someone on the dodgems! To ensure you have enough steam, always fill up the water compartment before each ironing session.

Iron Inside Out

Items can take a fair amount of heat, but ironing constantly onto the front of a shirt or t-shirt is likely to cause fading on the dye. Instead turn the product inside out, ensuring the creases drop out without any unnecessary fading

Never Iron Prints!

This shouldn’t be a problem if you turn inside out, but be careful that ironing directly over any prints could cause burning or damage. This includes t-shirts with slogans, football shirts with printed names and numbers and many other items. Try to avoid this area at possible, especially if it isn’t creased.

Pay attention to the inside washing label

It’s included for a reason, have you ever noticed the small dot/dots inside the iron symbol before? If the product needs a light/cool iron, then it will usually feature one dot inside. A warm iron will consist of two dots, whilst a hot iron will have three dots.

If the product has a cross over the iron then it will not be suitable to iron. If you still aren’t sure about the heat needed, then turn down the temperature as low as possible.

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