Red wine can be an absolute killer of clothes if spilt on them. It’s always got to be your favourite top or dress as well, never that scruffy old t-shirt that you wear round the house every day! However, don’t fear as there are solutions for this common mishap. Stained clothes can often be shoved to the back of the wardrobe, or even thrown out but there’s really no need as these stains can be rectified and return your once gleaming piece of clothing to its original form! This also saves money on having to buy new clothes!

Firstly, as soon as the red wine is spilt make sure to soak the stain under cold water (hot water will trap the stain into the clothing). After doing this gently rub the stain with a cloth to try and remove as much as possible without smudging it onto the rest of the item of clothing. Once you feel you have got rid of as much as you can put it in the washing machine straight away with a product such as Vanish which specialises in getting stains out of clothes. This should do the trick as the red wine will not have had any time to settle into the fibres within the clothing and hope that once favourite top will stay a firm favourite selection.

Another way to remove red wine from clothing is a tried and tested technique by a select few people but commonly unknown. Use lemonade! Lemonade is a great stain remover of red wine (Google it if you don’t believe me) therefore if you coat the stain in a freshly opened can/bottle of lemonade the fizz and lemons combined will battle the red wine stain and should bring it up, as long as you do this straight away. This also works if you ever spill red wine on carpets or even light coloured floors, a good bit of knowledge to have for future reference!

If all else fails and you still can’t get that dreaded red wine out of your stained clothes then why not visit us here for information on environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are sure to be able to remove the toughest of red wine marks from stained clothes.