As winter is slowly creeping in and the cold snap starts to hit the United Kingdon hard, we will all start to think more and more about our winter clothing. During the winter months, we find that the lighter material T-shirts, summer dresses and shorts are stored away in favour of more layers and heavier, thicker and chunkier clothing options to keep us toasty and warm in the brisk cold morning and evenings. As the winter months bring colder weather the option of using the good old-fashioned washing line to save money isn’t really a possibility.

With each and every one of us becoming more aware of the rising cost to use tumble dryers in our homes or to dryer items of clothing on the radiators, we are always looking for more affordable ways to care for our winter clothes. Below are some top tips on how to keep your winter clothes in tip-top condition, whilst saving you money.

Use a Launderette where possible

At Zinc Laundry we pride ourselves on being an affordable solution for all of your laundry needs whether it is summer or winter. Launderettes including zinc have large drum washing machine and dryers allowing you to get through large quantities of washing but at affordable pricing. By doing this in-particular with heavier items of clothing such as jeans, jumpers, heavy knits, coats and jackets this can reduce the burden of washing clothing at home.

Coats and jackets

Coats, Jackets and heavier clothing materials suffer the stresses of everyday life. During warmer months these items rarely see the light of day but during the colder spells, many of us a reigned to living in these items to avoid the endless chill. Coats are a notorious winter clothing item which is hard to care for during winter months due to the need to wear on a daily basis and difficulty in getting these items clean.

Coats and jackets we recommend to clean 1-2 times during the cold snap as this will usually be sufficient in keeping these items in good condition. If you own several jackets or coats try to save the heavier of coats till the weather gets too cold. This way you can prolong the need to get your coats cleaned. We would also recommend taking your coats and jackets to us at Zinc Launderette as we can take good care of your winter coats properly in our large drums or during our dry cleaning process.

During the colder months try to ensure you care for your winter clothes by using your local launderette and using your coats when you need them.