Dress Cleaning Warrington – Zinc Laundry Solutions

Zinc Laundry Solutions are an eco friendly option for your dry cleaning as they use a cleaning process known as Wet Care. Zinc Laundry Solutions can help you with many of your laundry needs. They offer dress cleaning in Warrington. So with spring here, now is a great time to get your summer party dresses such as prom dresses  out and cleaned and maybe freshen up your wedding dress.

Zinc Laundry Solutions offer dress cleaning for dresses made of a variety of materials including silk and garments with lace on. Keeping those delicate dresses you own beautiful and in excellent condition. Dresses made from natural fibres such as cotton can also be wet cleaned.

Dresses cleaned at Zinc Laundry are cleaned by using the wet care process. Wet care is a water immersion process which only uses biodegradable detergents, rather than solvents.
There are many benefits to wet cleaning. These include:

  • Use of biodegradable detergents
  • Free of dry cleaning chemicals and solvents
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Clothes last longer
  • Gentle processing of delicate fabrics
  • Environmentally friendly processes
  • Removes odours

Wet care is better for your skin, clothes and the environment as it uses biodegradable detergents.


If you are looking for dress cleaning Warrington, then Zinc Laundry Solutions can offer you an excellent service with an eco friendly cleaning service and have you summer party dresses beautifully cleaned and ready for you to wear this summer.


If you would like to find out more about dress cleaning in Warrington by us, then drop us a line on 01925 413154.