There are many times when people decided to clean our dry cleaning items ourselves and turned up with something that is not the same size, the same colour or in the same state. Here are 5 common mistakes people make that dry cleaner’s wish we wouldn’t:


1) Not reading clothing labels

We all see the labels on our clothes; they are either at the back of the neck or on the left or right side of the seam. Despite knowing that it has instructions on how to properly wash the clothing item, we ignore it completely and toss it in the machine. Checking the label will ensure that you put in the proper care needed for your clothing. Sometimes, the label will state that dry cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning. Other times, it will tell you the temperature of the water, the duration of the wash or even the kind of detergent to use –if to use any.


2) Using way too much detergent

We often assume that the detergent is the one thing that fixes every superficial damage to your clothing. So, we pour in as much as we want –a rough estimate based on what we think would be best. More often than not, we are also swayed by the smell; we want our clothing to smell fresh and clean so we tend to use an excessive amount of detergent. However, the proper cleaning of clothes has more to do with the prerequisites –temperature of the water, agitation or the duration of the wash. Even a tablespoon of detergent for one load is enough according to dry cleaners.


3) Using cold water for washing

What many people don’t know is that cold water enhances colourfastness. If you have any item that bleeds its colour, the chances of it doing so in cold water are much higher than warm. You are more likely to have discoloured clothing if you put clashing colours together, in cold water, using strong detergent in the washer.


4) Machine drying clothes

While it is convenient and fast, you should aim to hang dry your clothes whenever you find them to be possible. Hanging the clothes after washing prevents them from shrinking even a fraction of an inch. Machine drying tends to shrink the clothes substantially over time. Thus, whenever you have delicate clothing, always opt for hang drying rather than machine drying.


5) Bleaching the entire load

If you want those whites to shine, the natural course of action would be to add bleach to the entire load. While this makes sense, many dry cleaners wish you never go to such extreme measures. Bleach is only supposed to be used for treating spots on individual items of clothing. It just removes the colour of the spot. When you send such an item for dry cleaning, dry cleaners will ensure that they add eyedropper so that the colour is not mismatched to the piece of clothing.

You will find that it is always cheaper to go to a dry cleaner instead of wasting time, money and effort fixing ruined clothing items.