Get Eco-Friendly Laundry Services from Zinc Laundry Solutions

There’s an incredible feeling you get after picking your clean basket of laundry from the cleaners. However, most of the detergents used to clean your garments are non-biodegradable and can cause severe harm to the environment if not managed. Zinc Laundry Solutions now has the answer. Some years back, two German manufacturers teamed up to create a revolutionary cleaning technology that was safe for the environment. We’ve now integrated this technology in our eco-friendly laundry services to offer you a better, greener experience. Our groundbreaking garment cleaning procedure called Professional Wet Cleaning has even caught the attention of our elated clients.

Why is Wet Care the best care?

Wet care has proved to be much better for your clothes, your delicate skin and Mother Nature. Our unique Water immersion process exclusively uses biodegradable detergents to clean your clothes, not solvents. Your garments end up looking exquisite and feeling soft, fresh and clean. The process is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. With such impressive features, Wet care overshadows all the conventional laundry processes by far. You can only get these eco-friendly laundry services at Zinc Laundry Solutions. Here, we’re at your every beck and call.
We offer professional laundry solutions at affordable prices. If you need your coats and jackets effectively cleaned, look no further. We’ll launder your coat for only ₤11 and your jacket for ₤9.55. If you also possess a long coat or fur/Feather coat that you need laundered, we’ll do it at only ₤13 and ₤23.50 respectively. We also offer eco-friendly laundry services for cocktail dresses and prom/evening dresses for only ₤40 and ₤45 respectively. We ensure that all your laundry needs are met by providing an inclusive environment. We also value your feedback and would love to hear your comments and ideas. Talk to us through our email address: Alternatively, you can call us at 01925-413154.
Are you looking to jump the broom? We understand that your awaited wedding day is a huge milestone in you and your spouse’s lives. This is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering wonderful Wet Care services specifically for your wedding. We offer an affordable Bride and Groom Package for only ₤110. If you only need to launder your wedding dress, we’ll do a marvelous job of it for only ₤100. Our Wedding Dress Boxed Package costs only ₤150. Getting our eco-friendly laundry services will guarantee you a wedding day to remember.
If you enjoy skiing, don’t let dirt and grime stain your ski wear. Here at Zinc Laundry solutions, we offer amazing Wet Care solutions for your ski wear to help you enjoy your skiing expeditions without any worries. Bring in your ski jacket, ski suit and salopettes for laundering at our stores for ₤20, ₤30 and ₤10 respectively. Our high-quality, eco-friendly laundry services work best to clean all your clothes and remove bad odors. In addition, all your attire will last longer when you use our fantastic Wet Care solution. Visit to access more insightful information about our eco-friendly laundry services.

Eco Friendly Laundry Services