Our garment Cleaning Warrington service will blow your mind!

When looking for garment cleaning Warrington it is important not only to consider cost and quality but also the environment. Traditional dry cleaning can have a negative effect on the environment around us due to the detergents and heat used. Wet cleaning omits the environment damaging aspects of garment cleaning Warrington and also gives the garment a fantastic clean.

What can be wet cleaned?

Any garment that says dry clean only is able to use the wet cleaning process along with delicate fabrics. This includes wedding dresses, prom dresses, suede garments, silk and more. The process is gentle enough to manage delicate products but also to ensure that the garment is cleaned to exactly the same standard if not better than when being dry cleaned.

What is the difference between Wet and Dry cleaning?

The process of garment cleaning Warrington differs dramatically when using wet or dry cleaning. When using wet cleaning the detergents used are completely biodegradable and they use fresh water. Dry cleaning is uses much stronger and chemical based detergents which not only can harm the environment but they also leave the non-mistakable dry cleaned smell on the garment once the cleaning process is finished. Both garment cleaning Warrington processes use washing machines however when using wet cleaning the machines are fully computerised and they monitor the water levels, soap levels and agitation for each load, along with carefully monitoring temperature. Once the garments are cleaned wet cleaning will gentle dry the garments using specialised tumble dryers with temperature controls and time controls. The humidity is set specifically for the garment in question.

Is the end result as good with wet cleaning and dry cleaning?

The simple answer to this is yes, most definitely. The garments usually end the process with a much softer and fresher feel. The smell of the garment is much nicer as you do not have the chemical residue smell on the garment as you would with dry cleaning. We can also ensure as part of your garment cleaning Warrington process that the garments are hand pressed and finished if needed to make sure they are ready for you to wear again or store depending on the garment.

Is Wet cleaning more expensive?

When arranging garment cleaning Warrington here at Zinc we have very reasonable and competitive prices. Our price range is no more expensive than most dry cleaning options available and often the packages we provide enable you to get your garments cleaned at a lower cost, using a more environmentally friendly process.

If you have needs for garment cleaning Warrington check out a price list here for more information or pop into our store in Latchford Warrington. We look forward to you joining the wet cleaning revolution.