If you’re looking for a great laundry service in Warrington to help you get Cleaner clothes, then we could be just what you are looking for! Using only biodegradable cleaning products and no harmful chemicals we are completely at one with nature! The results have been proven to be a success with the removal of odours and stains from clothes and our products are also great for people with sensitive skin!

4 steps to cleaner clothes:

Step 1)

The first step towards cleaner clothes is simple! Fill up your online basket and get a quote through our website and we can get the machine rolling!

Step 2)

The second step is to send us your list based on the quote that we have provided.

Step 3)

We can simply pick up your laundry, wash, dry and even iron your clothes!

Step 4)

Once all of your clothes are washed and ironed we will then return them to your home – it’s really that simple!

We see this as an effortless process for yourself, just go on to our website and get a quote! We will take it from there!

How we keep it environmentally friendly

We are unique from other laundry and ironing services in Warrington because we use only environmentally friendly products in your cleaner clothes which leads to great results, an improved environment and overall happy customers!

We strive to be eco-friendly because of the detrimental impacts that other detergents have had on the environment over the years, therefore, we have made it our mission to eradicate harmful chemicals from our business so that we can operate fairly to you and the environment.

Professional Wet Cleaning is a garment cleaning process based on technology that was developed in 1991 by two premier German companies – appliance manufacturer Melle and detergent manufacturer Kreussler. The goal was to develop a cleaning process that effectively cleared all garments through a safe biodegradable detergent process – a process that was truly ‘green’.

We like to think that we stand out from other laundry services in Warrington because of the nature of our company values – to be ‘green’. We have carefully devised our business so that we are providing the best possible service whilst giving you the best possible outcome by doing right by the environment.

If you would like more information or a quote for your laundry feel free to visit our Contact Page or give us a call on 01925 413154.