DIY laundry products

DIY Laundry products

Laundry products like softener and detergent can contain chemicals and toxic ingredients that are harsh, as well as fragrances, colours and additives. Many people are now deciding to make their own laundry products to avoid all of these factors, and so that they are aware of every ingredient. DIY laundry products are better for the environment, cheaper to make and can give your clothes the same fresh feeling as store-bought competitors. Why not try DIY laundry products today?

Laundry soap

Laundry soap is like your normal laundry detergent, so use it in the same way. You’ll need bar soap (grated), washing soda, borax, and some essential oils. Grate the soap using a hand grater or a blender, anything that breaks down the soap into smaller pieces will work fine. Mix the washing soda and borax, using gloves to avoid your hands drying out. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that you can find on the internet. Add your essential oils – there’s a lot of freedom with these, so use whatever oils you like the smell of or have good experiences with. Stir all of these together and you should end up with a powder, which can then be stored in a glass jar. Use around 1-2 tablespoons of your DIY laundry product per load – you can also add in some oxygen booster, but this is best reserved for particularly dirty loads or whites.

A simpler option

If the method above seems like a lot of effort or hassle, then don’t worry, there is a simpler option that is just as effective. Use 2 tablespoons of sal suds (easy to find, like borax) per load, like a regular laundry detergent. Use 2 tablespoons of washing soda if you want a bit of a boost, like on dirtier clothes or whites. You can then add a little bit of white vinegar to the rinse cycle if you want to, though this is optional. These laundry products are natural, easy to find and are much quicker to use than the method above, so it’s up to you which one you prefer and want to use. This method is much better for very hard or very soft water, as the laundry soap may have a hard time dissolving and you could end up with some lumpy clothes! The sal suds will dissolve easily in any type of water. Both options are great if you have normal water, so it’s completely your decision which DIY laundry products you use.