So you reckon you’ve got this parenting malarkey off to a tee, then you see the mound of washing piling up. Just how do you wash baby clothes you think to yourself?! Well, let this handy guide from Zinc Laundry tell you exactly what to do…You can thank us later!

Bio or non-bio?

If you’re lucky enough to have never suffered from sensitive skin (we envy you), then not only should you feel privileged, but you’ve probably saved a fair whack by opting for the cheapest washing powder on the shelf.

For the little ones though, only non-bio options will do. Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, and the enzymes in the biological powder can be extremely irritant.

It may cost a little bit more, but the lack of screams and itching from your new bundle of joy will more than be worth it in the long run.

It’s sensitive on the skin and is unlikely to set off any potential allergens.

Wash or wear from new?

You’d probably laugh if you saw an adult taking the tags off a new garment only to throw it in the washing machine. You can’t beat the feeling of throwing on that crisp t-shirt or jumper and heading out on the town, but the same can’t be said for baby clothing.

As previously mentioned, a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, and as their immune system isn’t fully developed, they can easily pick up germs and allergies.

Shop bought clothing can pick up all kinds of dirt, dust and more, be it in the warehouse, shop-front or even in transportation.

Giving them a quick wash according to the labels will get rid of most of these things and ensure it is safe to wear.

Hot or cold washes?

You’d think if you want to make sure they’re properly clean, then you would wash baby clothes at a high temperature, but this isn’t the case.

Just like the rest of your clothes, the baby garments are perfectly ok to go in at 30degrees. Not only is this a cheaper alternative, but it’s also better for the environment – winner, winner!

There are a few exceptions to this list, including if your little one has done an accident or been sick, but even then the temperature shouldn’t have to rise too much.

Try and clean it by hand before you put in the machine, using a non-bio detergent or stain remover such as vanish.

Wash separately to other clothes

Similar to the dust issue, the adult clothes will have faced a heavier day out in the open than the baby items. They are also more likely to contain allergens and dirt which could be harmful.

It may be annoying waiting for the basket to be big enough to wash baby clothes on their own, but it will ensure more overall comfort for your new-born.

Fabric conditioner will be more effective too, going straight to the baby clothes and leaving your bundle of joy both smelling and looking delicious.

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