With an increase in emission levels in the Earth’s atmosphere, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint on our world. Although some people don’t worry about climate change, for example, the leader of that rather large country across the pond, it is very much real. As people are realising this they are cutting down on the way they affect the environment by using buses instead of driving everywhere, solar panel electricity and even not using straws in drinks!

Although climate change is a big, negative issue in modern day society there are some positives for the launderette industry as climate change is causing it to have a comeback! With an increased amount of launderettes using environmentally friendly detergents and overall processes in the way they clean clothes, it is proving to be more eco-friendly to get your clothes washed at the launderette rather than at home!

The processes that use less energy and clean clothes better are great for sensitive skin and keeping the quality of clothing as they use less harmful chemicals and also less water! This is a win-win for the consumer and the launderette industry as the consumer is getting a great quality service and result whilst saving the planet and the launderette is spending less and washing more!

Before the times of washing machines in homes, launderettes were a booming business however not great for the environment. With these new innovations to how launderettes clean clothes there is really no reason why people shouldn’t go to the launderette to wash their clothes! Also, it actually saves time getting your clothes washed at launderettes as most places will pick up your clothes for you, wash and iron them and have them back at your home the same day! Effortless cleaning of clothes whilst also saving the environment, how about that!

For more information into environmentally friendly cleaning processes or just general inquiries into getting your own clothes washed and ironed, call 01925 413154 where we at Zinc Laundry Solutions would be happy to help you! Located conveniently in the Warrington area we aim to satisfy customers with a high level of cleaning whilst operating in an environmentally friendly way!