Laundry Services in Warrington

If you are looking for laundry services in Warrington, then look no further than Zinc Laundry Solutions. We primarily focus on wet care laundry services, which is an innovative way of cleaning your clothes, the environmentally, skin and garment friendly way!

So what is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is a professional way of cleaning your clothes as opposed to dry cleaning. Wet Care cleaning is much better not only for the environment but also for your clothing and your skin. The process only uses biodegradable detergents; no solvents are involved. The process is also much more environmentally friendly than dry cleaning as it does not use detergent which affects the surrounding environment and is also more energy-efficient.

Many of those with sensitive skin would see the benefit of using wet care as their preferred laundry services in Warrington. The non-use of chemical-based detergents is much kinder to the skin and sensitive skin is not affected by the biodegradable components used.

When using wet care as your preferred laundry services in Warrington, this helps your clothes and garments last much longer and stay looking fresh. Delicate fabrics also benefit from this gentle cleaning approach.

During the process, the garment is wet cleaned using water and for the soap and conditioner, biodegradable detergents are used. The garment is then placed into the washer which gently cleans the product and during the process the temperature, amount of detergent and amount of water is monitored to ensure the garment is cleaned thoroughly. Following the wet care cleaning process, the garments are then dried carefully using monitored humidity levels. This process ensures the garment is not over-dried or overheated at any time. This helps to ensure the garment is kept in pristine condition and shape.

Following wet cleaning, you will have a fresh, clean pristine garment. There will be no smell which is often associated when using dry cleaning, from the strong residue of detergent.

What can you use wet cleaning laundry services in Warrington for?

Wet cleaning can be used for most garments, but a number of products that you wouldn’t think of can be cleaned using this process. A few of which are listed here:

  • Ugg Boots
  • Wedding dresses and veils
  • Leather – including coats and bags
  • Lace
  • Silk
  • Suede

Our wet cleaning laundry services in Warrington offer a quick turnaround on your garment cleaning. All of the prices for the products can be found online here.

To find out more about this innovative, environmentally friendly laundry services in Warrington, call us on 01925 413 514 to speak to the experts here at Zinc.