The Christmas period can prove to be extremely stressful and hectic at times. It’s often hard to balance your time while you’re trying to juggle buying presents for family and friends, decorating the house, preparing for the all-important Christmas meal and keeping on top of house-work. Here are a few tips on how you can stay on top of things in the run-up to Christmas so that it is a less stressful, more enjoyable experience!

Plan ahead

This one is a lot easier said than done, granted. But, if you’re struggling with time management then a good tip is to simply get out a pen and paper and write yourself a to-do list. When everything is written down in one place, rather than floating around in your head, it often becomes a lot more manageable. You can tick off the boxes as you go along. This way it will feel as though you are making progress with your shopping and planning. Also, if things don’t go completely to plan then it isn’t the end of the world. It’s the thought that counts!

Stick to a budget

Make yourself a realistic budget, and try to stick to it as best as possible. You could think of creative ways you could cut costs on presents. For example, why not make your own Christmas cards this year? Also, write down what will be going in and out of your balance this month so that it doesn’t seem like too much of a shock once the purchases come out. Christmas doesn’t have to be that stressful!

Outsource your laundry

Zinc laundry is an eco-friendly cleaning process which uses a biodegradable and effective detergent. Wet Cleaning is a technique that can be used not just on every-day clothes, but on UGG boots, duvets, wedding dresses and coats to name a few. If you haven’t tried it before, the Christmas period may prove to be the perfect time for you to consider outsourcing your laundry in order to make your life that little bit less stressful over the Christmas period. As well, the process leaves you with fresh clothes. You don’t have to worry about the chemical smells which often result from dry-cleaning processes!