Launderettes can be seen a gossip room or a relic of a bygone era which is destined to become something the older generation and thirty plus people will remember. With technology becoming really advanced and nearly 85% of all households in the UK having clothes washing facilities such as washing machines and tumble dryers, launderettes could become obsolete.

However, we do not believe this is the case. Launderettes even offering basic services such as a clothes wash and dry service, these places have evolved over the many years offering so much more.

Please see some of the main reasons you should use your local launderette in Warrington:

1) Time

Even though each and every one of us more than likely will have a washing machine to use, we simply do not have the time to spend washing and drying our clothes.  Lots of us today are either career driven or have large established families with the washing machine in use most days. With using a local launderette this can be a thing of the past with the ability to use service washes allowing you to drop a bag of clothing at the reception and collect later that day or another day that will suit you. This takes no more than a few minutes to do and your launderette may be able to offer some ironing service saving you more time in the mornings.


2) Washing is not for the faint-hearted

Most of us will be able to throw a couple of items into the steel drum but not many will check the wash instructions. For the expensive clothing, we would always advise using a launderette to get the best washing advice. Most local launderettes will offer a dry cleaning service for those even more-so delicate items that need to look and smell clean but require a little more attention to detail in the cleaning process.


3) Large Families

If you have a large family the day to day grind of struggling to wash two loads and dry two loads of washing per day, you may find solace in using a launderette. With extra-large washing capacities and huge drum dryers, you may be able to cut your daily washing grind down by a considerable amount by doing one or two weekly service washes with a launderette.


4) Living in a small apartment or home with a dryer?

If you are living in an apartment or its winter and your home isn’t big enough for a dyer to make sure all the clothes are washed and dried, your local launderette will be able to help you. Most launderettes allow you to wash your clothing in the convenience of your own home and drop the clothing off to be dried. This can save you time, money and prevent your clothes not drying properly.