We all have busy lives, juggling our social, financial and professional responsibilities. So our time is very precious to us, laundry takes up a lot of our time during the week. We spend on average per person up to 12-18 hours in one month just wet cleaning, drying, folding and ironing. We can all use this time to do other things that you want to do, instead of losing hours doing this chore.

Our laundry solutions can provide the benefits to your time, so you can focus on other responsibilities that you like to spend time on. Below are some key points that profit outsourcing your laundry.

Improved well being

Using Zinc Laundry can reduce your stress levels by relieving the weight off your hands. This will leave you more relaxed for other parts of your life. The extra 12-18 hours you gain helps reduce irritation and anxiety, whilst keeping your energy levels high for responsibilities. You can rest assured knowing your clothes are environmentally friendly and use biodegradable detergents.

Laundry quality

Our laundry solutions give you a professional service, ensuring all the clothes washed are done according to the requirements of the type of material, fabrics and colours you have brought to us. All laundry is an exceptional quality so it can prolong the life of your outfits. Our laundry solutions have excellent cleaning results that are better for your skin, clothing and environment.

More time

Using Zinc Laundry service, you can now apply the allocated time for laundry to more time on tasks/activities you enjoy. Allocating time your friends and families is a very important to us all, which can develop a closer connection and relationship with them. This can increase and enhance your prosperity in your life. Time is very important to us all, enabling the maximum amount allows you to use it the way you want to.


We at Zinc laundry provides you with a flexible collection time. We also have many options available to suit the type of laundry that needs to be completed. Furthermore, our price listing is on our website so you know the easily know what option of laundry needs to be done, including prices.

Build up

Maybe you’ve had a busy weekend and haven’t had the time to do your laundry throughout the week. Our service can easily clear your mind and laundry time, whilst giving you the high quality, freshly cleaned clothes.