Time is important


Make sure that the length of time between when clothes are worn and when they’re washed doesn’t get too long – if it does, then stains and dirt will be embedded further into the fabric and will be harder to clean.


1. Separate your laundry


To make your laundry services smoother, make sure to separate clothes based on colour and textiles – this will avoid any colour running and will make sure that you know exactly what temperature they need to be washed at.


2. Read the labels


If you’re confused about the process of washing a particular item, check the label inside. These labels are specifically designed to make laundry services a breeze – they’ll tell all you need to know.


3. If it’s dry clean only – don’t wash it yourself


If an item says that dry cleaning is the only option, don’t try and wash it yourself – leave it to the professionals. They have all the tools and equipment needed to wash tough fabrics and remove hard-to-budge stains.


4. Turn them inside-out


This rule not only applies to jeans, but all clothes – washing your items inside out can make sure that they get a thorough clean while still retaining their colour. It ensures s great quality laundry service and prevents fading.


5. Empty your pockets


Always check the pockets of your clothes before you wash them – credit cards, keys and earphones might be lurking, waiting to be ruined!


6. Know your load


Overloading the washer can result in your clothes not getting a proper wash, and stains might not be washed out properly – underloading means a waste of time and money. Know you washer and it’s capacity.


7. Clean everything out


When your load is done, make sure you remove every last piece of clothing – it could be the difference between your next load coming out fresh and clean, or dyed pink due to a leftover red sock.


8. Dry it


If your clothes aren’t suitable for the dryer, then popping it on the line is fine as long as your pegs are clean and darker colours are dried in the shade to prevent fading.


9. Iron


A laundry service is never complete without a good ironing – again, make sure you check the labels for care instructions before you go ahead with the equipment. Hang items up immediately after ironing, but let them cool a little before putting them back into the wardrobe.