Try the exquisite WetCare for clothes

If you’re displeased by the manner in which your laundry is done, it’s time you tried out a new technique. Many laundry shops these days use non-biodegradable detergents to clean your delicate clothes. The resultant by-products cause great harm to the environment and can even pollute water sources. However, Zinc Laundry Solutions are here to your rescue. Here, we implement an effective laundry technology called professional wet cleaning. We incorporated this incredible technology because of our desire to use a safe, greener garment-cleaning process. We’re the only revered company using wetcare for clothes. You’re therefore guaranteed of receiving a much better laundry experience with us.

Why get wetcare for clothes?

Unlike other cleaning techniques that are corrosive to your precious skin and unsafe for the environment, wetcare is an environmentally-friendly technique that’s much better for your skin. It employs a water immersion process that purely uses biodegradable detergents and products instead of solvents. Your garments therefore emerge looking incredible, feeling silky soft and smelling fresh. Apart from being eco-friendly, wetcare for clothes is an energy efficient cleaning technique. Thus, you get to make great savings while conserving your environment at the same time. Your skin also remains soft and youthful since it’s not corroded.

WetCare for Clothes
Our efficient wetcare for clothes service covers a wide range of attire. For instance, we offer an amazing holiday laundry package for those on holiday. A cabin case laundry costs ₤8.00 while a large family case laundry costs ₤20.00. You can also get incredibly cheap laundry solutions for your coats and jackets at Zinc Laundry Solutions. A normal coat would cost ₤11.00 to launder while a long coat would fetch only ₤13.00. A jacket laundry, on the other hand, would only cost ₤9.55. Our tremendously affordable services have deeply endeared us to our happy customers.
We pride ourselves in providing exquisite wetcare for clothes laundry services. We know how crucial it is for you to protect your sensitive skin from corrosion. That’s why we’ve implemented this cutting-edge wetcare technology that uses biodegradable detergents to effectively clean your attire. Apart from being devoid of dry cleaning chemicals and vitriolic solvents, wetcare helps your clothes last for much longer. It gently cleanses delicate fabric to ensure it stays intact, efficiently removing odors in the process. Comparing it with other laundry techniques, it’s clear that wetcare is truly the best care for you garments.
If you’re waiting impatiently to jump the broom in the near future, we have an awesome wedding day attire laundry package specifically for you. We desire to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable by offering an impressive Bride and Groom Package for only ₤110.00. Your wedding dress would cost only ₤100.00 to launder. Your single and double duvets cost only ₤20.99 and ₤15.99 respectively to launder. You won’t get such affordable wetcare for clothes charges anywhere else apart from Zinc Laundry Solutions. To get more information, call us on 01925 413154. You can also write to us through Alternatively, check out our website for more information: