Wet cleaning is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional dry cleaning that everyone knows about. It can care for delicate fabrics that simply can’t be done by dry cleaning which enables a fresher and longer lasting look to your clothes.

Wet Cleaning has been established as an environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning since its development in 1991.

Using a biodegradable detergent Wet Cleaning is extremely good for the environment whilst also cleaning and protecting the clothes that it is washing in the process. With emissions on the increase it only makes sense for dry cleaning companies to be using Wet Care wherever possible so that we can all protect the environment we live in.

Dry Clean Only items are no longer with Wet Care! Wet Care doesn’t allow clothes to come into contact with any harmful chemicals and uses only water and the Wet Care biodegradable detergent to make clothes softer for longer and make the whole process more environmentally friendly! People with sensitive skin can also benefit from Wet Care as no chemicals equal no itchiness!

Everything in Wet Care is controlled by the amount of detergent to the temperature making a safe environment for your clothes to be cleaned in without chemicals. An optimised spin will also measure the amount of residual moisture, therefore, your clothes are protected from over-drying and in the meantime, a lot of energy is saved!

Gone are the days of using dry cleaners to clean all of your ‘dry clean only’ items because, with Wet Care, they don’t have to be! Isn’t it great that such an environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning now exists that’s taking the market by storm! Wet Care simply cares for your clothing instead of harming it which 1 in 5 Women (out of 1000) admitted that dry cleaning had ruined some of their items of clothing before! The good news is Wet Care can be used on a wide range of items such as suits, rugs and Uggs!

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