How to Find an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners

More than 80% of dry cleaners use a chemical called perchloroethylene. The chemical has been used for a long time because it removes stains and odour from clothes without shrinking them. While it may not damage clothes the chemical does a lot of harm to the people working with it and to the environment.

Perchloroethylene has been listed as an air pollutant and a potential carcinogen. Studies have shown that moderate exposure to perchloroethylene can lead to irritation of the airway, headache, dizziness, unconsciousness and even sleepiness.

Now, for the sake of the eco-system, most governments are encouraging the use green dry cleaning methods as opposed to ‘perc’ drycleaners.  Where did the idea of eco-friendly dry cleaning come from?

The birth of Eco-friendly dry cleaning services

People are becoming more ‘eco-aware’.  The need to consume environmentally friendly products has is ever growing. Due to these needs, eco-friendly dry cleaning services have come up.

These dry cleaners use environmentally friendly substances to clean your laundry.

eco friendly dry cleaners


Types of eco-friendly dry-cleaning agents

  • One of these agents is liquid carbon dioxide. The gas is non-flammable and non-toxic. It is also naturally occurring in the environment. The gas is pressurized and released into a chamber with clothes and detergent. The pressurized gas removes all the stains and odour. The clothes are then left to dry. The gas can be pumped back and re-used again. This saves the dry cleaner money.
  • Silicone cleaning is another eco-friendly dry-cleaning agent. A chemical, Siloxane D5 solution is used. After use the chemical degrades to sand, water and carbon dioxide. The chemical is also inert thus no chemicals mix with your clothes while they are being cleaned.
  • wet cleaning – This is like the traditional use of laundry machine. It involves adding water and detergent to clothes then putting them in a computer controlled machine that washes and dries them. The machines can be calibrated to the cleaning requirements of different fabrics. This method releases no toxins to operator, whoever wears the cleaned clothes or the immediate environment.

Choosing  eco-friendly dry cleaners

Are you looking for eco-friendly dry cleaners? The United States Environmental Protection Agency has approved wet cleaning and carbon dioxide use as environmentally preferable cleaning options.

Some dry cleaning firms use hydrocarbon chemicals instead of ‘perc’ and claim to be environmentally friendly. The hydrocarbons are volatile organic compounds and contribute to pollution.

Clients also need to ask the dry cleaner what method they use to ascertain if they are indeed eco-friendly. If the drycleaners use other methods apart from the ones stated above then,there is a likelihood that they are not eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly dry cleaners offer a lot of benefits not only regarding the cleaning of clothes but also to the health of everyone concerned ranging from the worker, the wearer and even the people near the dry cleaning business. This is because they pose no health threats. They also help protect the environment. They are a better option when it comes to dry cleaning.

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